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Massive Living | September 27, 2022

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Blogging ABC’s with Tris Hussey -

Blogging ABC’s with Tris Hussey

Tris Hussey (@trishussey) spoke about the ABC’s of Blogging at Northern Voice today (#nv10), a conference on social media and the internet. Tris began his session with the concept of story telling. Hussey states that blogging is about writing and really isn’t about technology. Technology is just a tool. Here’s a summary the key discussion points in the session:

If you’re starting a blog, he suggests checking out:, Typepad,,

Dealing with comments on your blog:
When people make comments that you don’t like, you can delete them. Your blog is like your living room. You get to decide what is ok there.

Hosted or Not Hosted?
Audience Member wanted to know how much technology you need to know to start a blog:
Find out if you want to host or be hosted? Use hosted if you don’t have any tech experience. It’s extremely simple to use. Someone else takes care of the server. Other option, if you get a host, you will definitely need to buy a domain name. He says don’t use Go Daddy (apparently interface is bad…I use it though and don’t mind it).

Tris compares a hosted services to living in a dorm, it’s very limited. ie: you can’t Clonidine Online use adsense ads on a hosted blog. You have more control with your own host.

To install WordPress on your own host, you generic Plavix use to download the blog and install on your servers. Note: you’ll need google analytics or woopra (new stats program)

Costs of hosts: domain purchase, plus approx. $10/month for hosting.
Host Suggestions: Dreamhost, Fantastico

Length of blog post: Write until your done…and then edit it. If it flows, but it’s long, that’s ok. Just make sure its an interesting read.

Frequency of Blog Post: To build traffic on a blog, you need to build 3 to 5 times per week. Tris has tested this over and over again. You cannot really post too much. People will read what they want to read.

Note: You can only post a couple sentences if you want. It doesn’t have to be a few paragraphs.
The key it to make it interesting and useful for people.

How do I make money from my blog?
Tris, laughs, people don’t make money with blogging ;)
(TL)You would need thousands of visitors per day in order to pull notable amount of revenue from your blog.

Search Engines
“Blogs are like crack to search engines” – Tris Hussey’s quote of the day
Whether is hosted or on a host, it doesn’t make a difference to search engines

Blogger – is it a good site to use?
Tris isn’t a big fan of blogger, he feels that google has abandoned it. It hasn’t been updated very much over the last 7 years, but those that use it feel it works just fine. In summary, it’s not the super-star of blog platforms ;)

Tags versus Categories:
Categories are like silverware drawer, the description of your cutlery (ie: knife) is your tag
Micro level descriptors: Tags
Macro level descriptors: Categories

Interesting tidbit:
People read screens 30% slower and with 30% less comprehension than from paper.

WordPress 3 will have the capability to put a category as a Fluconazole no prescription menu items. Coming next week!



  1. Thank you for blogging this Lindsay! I’m glad you got something out of it…I hope. ;-)

    • Thanks for speaking! It was very useful :) I’m excited to make the switch from over to I was putting it off because I thought I would be a hassle, but it sounds like it will be an easy transition. Looking forward to version 3 and setting up my categories on the main menu.

      • Your blog tips are great. I have a few more on my blog under the heading “How to Blog, Part Duh” I think all wtrreis need a blog, to be a kind of “brand central” where people can find you and interact. I advocate “slow blogging” for beginners, so the blog doesn’t take over your life and keep you from your serious writing. Have one blog and blog once a week on a regular schedule and you can have the same impact as a daily blog.

    • I think blogs can influence poitilcs. One example for that: The NYT reports some liberal bloggers have embarked on a Google Campaign designed to lift negative articles about Republican candidates to the top search results. In my opinion this is a very curious development.

    • Love the post! Very relevant for niwbee bloggers like myself :p I just wrote a post yesterday about blogging and also recommend the book . It’s a couple of years old (2009) but a lot of the info is still very useful. Stop by my blog sometime! :) Have a great weekend!

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