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Massive Living | January 19, 2022

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Windows 7: What to Expect (Updated) -

Windows 7: What to Expect (Updated)

Yesterday, I posted a quick update on Windows 7 and today, I wanted to offer a little bit more detail on the new operating system. For those of you who are eager to treat erectile dysfunctiГ®n look under the hood before rushing out to buy it, here are more of the features you can expect:


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1. Enhanced memory performance: Essentially Windows 7 will allow better multi-tasking and faster workflow since it only devotes its resources towards open windows. Better speed = happier users ;) Plus this impacts laptop users as it will offer a longer battery life.

2. Customizable start-up menu: Vista already has the searchable start menu and 7 still features this, but with improvements like behavioral link memory, icons, menus, etc.

3. Improved Task Menu with Document previewing without launching the application

4. Snap Windows: Allow you to view multiple windows on your desktop without having to manually expand and contract them to the desired size. Instead they will automatically resize themselves.

5. Edit photos from within windows environment (without 3rd party software): adjust contrast, crop, and remove red eye within seconds of opening the image. This feature is extremely user friendly.

6. Home Media Centre with DVR like capabilities: Watch TV & Movies from your computer. Pause, rewind, and transfer files to your TV. (This is one of my favorite features)

7. Enhanced Parental controls: Parents can control what times their children can use the computer. For example: from 8am to 6pm only or block out certain hours like dinner time. They can also control the maximum amount of time the child(ren) spend on the computer per day as well as what games they are allowed to play.

8. Turn off the annoying notifications: adjust the level of notifications you’ll get. hmmm…what will the mac commercials make fun of now that the annoying pop-up joke can’t be used.

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9. Wackier Desktop Images: This version of windows has some pretty crazy desktops to choose from. I won’t ruin the surprise, you’ll have to check it out yourself to see what I mean ;)

10. XP mode: Some of the versions allow you to toggle into XP mode so that you can still use programs which are not Windows7 compatible yet. This provides a nice bridge that you don’t normally get when you switch to a new operating system.

11. Upgraded search capabilities for accessing files that are on your network more easily. Afterall, who really wants to think…we just want easy access.


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