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Massive Living | September 26, 2021

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.Tel – The new business card -

.Tel – The new business card

.tel - online business card

I finally purchased .tel domains for myself and my team. After going through the set-up process, I have to admit I think .Tel is going to catch-on to the masses. Maybe not this year…but it’s going to happen sooner or later. Why? because it’s simply a generic Plavix brilliant way of managing personal contact information.

If you missed my last blog post about .Tel, it is a really basic web page (which you get for free when you buy the .tel) where you store your contact information (phone, email, address). See example of the one’s we’ve set up for people on the Massive team: | |

Now that we have the .tel domains/web pages set-up, any time we need to change our contact information, we update on the .tel page.  From now on, I won’t be publishing our phone numbers, addresses etc. on our business cards or email signatures. Instead you’ll see FIND ME @ It’s easy to remember and my vcard can be easily downloaded from the bottom of the webpage. Imagine that…you don’t have to manually enter or scan my business card anymore. Just download it!

Will I still print business cards for myself and my team? Absolutely. They are a great branding tool for networking. However, I’m sure my printer will notice that I don’t order as Vermox without prescription many cards anymore since I won’t have to re-print them every time someone’s information changes :)

Watch out for this new trend! Buy Strattera online or should I say “business card standard”.

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