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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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Tech Talk on GreenHeart, Child Finding GPS, & Mobile Coupons -

Tech Talk on GreenHeart, Child Finding GPS, & Mobile Coupons

Tech Talk Segment with Sophie Lui & isotretinoin without prescription Valtrex buy online Lindsay Smith (TechLinz) Premarin Fast shipping

Topics of discussion:
1. Sony Ericsson Naite featuring GreenHeart – Measure your carbon footprint
2. Amber Alert GPS – Keep loved ones safe with GPS tracking device
3. Clip Mobile – iPhone App featuring coupons based on GPS location
4. Contest for Malcolm Gladwell Tickets


  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I wanted to enter the ticket contest but it says ‘page not found’?

    • A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this infomratoin.

  2. Hi Liz…the contest is based on responses from this page:

    Which page is not found? Kindly let me know and I will fix it ;)

    • Karan

      The link to Gladwell on the F5 expo site shows page not found. Thanks!

    • Bruce, You’re doing great well done. If you end up in Arisaig tonight ask for Directions to Bill Henderson’s house. He’s my uncle and I’m sure he’ll give you a bed for the night and he’s right by the beach for a start in the mnoirng.CheersStew

    • Gosh I’m from the outback I thgohut GPS was just used by truckies on long trecks.It’s really interesting thsat you can use a GPS to tell how far you have walked that would help you keep to your exercise goals, wouldn’t it!

    • Lol I’ve done this. Even after my son disappeared from the play room at the sencice center during the 5 seconds it took for me to buckle my daughter in her carseat. It never occurred to me he’d be perfectly fine swinging on a pole by the admissions desk. The thoughts that crossed my mind was that he had crashed through the thick glass banister into the alligator pool below, was hiding in a corner alone and scared, or went out the exit into the parking garage, or was snatched by some malicious child molester especially that last one But I suppose this worry was 100% justified. Unlike when I thought my husband got in a plane crash or had his lover pick him up from the airport when I couldn’t find him at the arrival gate

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