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Massive Living | December 7, 2021

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Social Media & Crime Fighting Heroes - Part 1 -

Social Media & Crime Fighting Heroes – Part 1

Yesterday morning as I enjoyed my morning solitude and peppermint tea, I couldn’t help but notice the police helicopter circling around my building and VPD’s boats out on the water. Natrexon price Quickly, I turned on the news to see if I could get more information, then I turned to my twitter newsfeed…but nothing.

We’re still not at a place where we can get up to the minute information on news events as they happen or at least in a way that is accessible to the general public. It still takes hours for the major news channels to “find” the story, report on it, and put it on our televisions. Unless you have a DVR, you’d better be sitting in front of your TV at the broadcast time.

Online print publications seem to be the fastest but only Baclofen online with “internationally” ground breaking stories like the death of Michael Jackson. But what about stories that are important to your neighborhood and might not make international headlines or the evening news? Who’s going to report on that? You will :)

Public JournalismThe Shift from Broadcast Reporting to Public Reporting
A few elements need to be put in place for the information to flow smoothly from the “public” contributor (joe blow watching as the news happens and reporting on it) to a central place for the updates to be stored (websites like twitter or nowpublic).

In my example: Where do I go to find the news feed on the real time event and, once I’m there, how to I find the news story I want? Currently, I can go to twitter from my computer and search for “helicopter false creek”, or “helicopter cambie street”. When I did this, there were a few tweets regarding it, but very little information. Still, it’s a start. The downside, I’ve played around with Twitter applications on my iPhone and Blackberry (Twitterberry, Tweetdeck, Twitterific) and haven’t seen a quick way to search general terms from my mobile. This is a huge barrier for providing and getting up to date news information since most of us won’t be tied to our computers 24/7…we are, however, tied to our mobile devices 24/7!

There are other sites out there, like NowPublic that recognize the importance of providing the public with an opportunity to contribute real-time news stories, tips, pics, and videos. But again, we don’t seem to be at the stage where we can contribute and manage this information from our mobile phones. Most people contributing to the news are waiting until they get home and uploading it (story, pics, video) from their computers.

So I’ll leave you with this parting thought. If you saw something news worthy happening around you…would you want to see what others are saying about it? Order No Rx Would you want to contribute to the story? I might be taking a huge assumption, but my guess is that most people would say yes…”I want to know what’s happening right away and if I have something meaningful to contribute, I will”. But it has to be easy, right? Well, we are almost there. One day not too far off in the distant future, people will have the ability to upload newsworthy information from their phones to sites like NowPublic and Twitter within seconds to a wide audience of people who care.

Example of public video uploaded by someone watching Obama’s Motorcade…


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