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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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Micro GPS Tracker Hits Canada -

Micro GPS Tracker Hits Canada

Amber Alert – Most of us are familiar with this term. When we hear it, our hearts sink knowing that a child has gone missing. But add the words “GPS” to those two words generic Valtrex and hope is restored.

Newly introduced in Canada is the Amber Alert GPS. It’s an itsy bitsy device (1.77″ x 1.68″ x .78″) that tracks your location buy Valtrex via GPS. The, slightly bigger than a piece of chocolate, mechanism can tell parents where their child is instantly via text message.

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Features include:

  • Temperature warnings: If the device reaches beneath or above a safe level, you’ll get a text message warning you of danger.
  • Location/Movment tracking: You can see where the device (and the child) has been in the last 24 hours
  • Sound monitoring: Simply text the devices # with a command and you can hear everything that is going on in the surrounding area of the device
  • Set perimeter: You can set-up the device so that you’ll know if it (and your child!) leaves the yard
  • Speed Monitoring: This is my favorite! You can set it to text you if the device starts traveling over a certain speed. This would be great for parents of teenagers who borrow the family car. Imagine tossing the device in your glove box and getting a text if the car starts traveling too fast. You could text your kid and say “Hey, Stop Speeding! Drive more carefully – Mom”. Your kid would think you have magical powers, LOL.Amber Alert GPS is intended for children two to ten years of age. However, I can see many other useful features for it like tracking your vehicle location and speed.I will be demoing this product on Global TV’s Noon News with Sophie Lui, Saturday, March 13th at approximately 12:30pm. Channel 11.


  1. Lindsay,
    My wish list on this device would be emergency 2 way communication. Could be a set up like a cell phone has for 911 use. Great interview though-do you think you might review the child cell devices in the future? (Like firefly)

    • Thanks for the comment Chad. I’ll see if I can get my hands on the firefly.

  2. cathy witala

    Hi Lindsay I was watching the news and saw your

    GPS tracking device for children from 2-10 wow I really think this is a great device for kids to have because a child can and has gone missing from their own yards, being a daycare teacher I would love to see the daycare children have them for field trips and child can disappear within seconds…this device can help locate them fast

    • Play informative for me, Mr. intneret writer.

  3. Hey,

    I really like the idea of a Amber Alert GPS tracking system. It can allow a parent or loved one to have a peace of mind. Considering the price, it is well worth it to help keep a child safe.

    Oh yeah, I’d like to win the tickets for two :).

  4. Nolan

    I sure hope they don’t respond to a text especially if they are speeding. I think they should re-think this marketing aspect.

    I would consider using this to to track my vehicle as long as it can be plugged in to keep it powered up.

  5. Vince

    Saw your segment on Global TV today and I love the product and being able to know where your kids are in real time. I found it funny though that you would text your teenager while speeding to slowdown. Don’t know what would be more dangerous, the speeding or the answering your text while speeding…. but great product review.

    • LOL!!! Good point Vince. That would be dangerous. I just couldn’t help the humor of messing with your teenager that way. But it’s not practical to text them while driving. Unless of course they have a mobile text to voice translator ;)

  6. mimi chung

    Hi Lindsay
    Just saw your demo on Global. Could the Amber Alert GPS be a useful tool for female travelers who like to travel alone?

    • Hi Mimi – The Device works off Rogers GSM so there would be roaming charges if you used it for traveling. I’ll make sure the company gets your request though :)

  7. Karan

    Interesting device. As a parent of a 3 and 1 yr old I’m intrigued and had read about it a while back. I wonder how durable the device is given the target carrier. I’m also torn on the privacy issues of using this as a monitoring device, but as a child safety device I think it’s a great idea.

  8. Dan

    Very cool device and I can see all kinds of applications – even tracking my delivery driver!! :-)

  9. Braden

    I love the concept of keeping our children safe but worry about the actual uses of this device. With an 18month old I struggle with the idea of ever letting him out of my sight. However I am also quick to admit that the most important life lessons I’ve learned came when I was a teenager doing things my parents would not have approved of. I may consider this product to stay in my childs school bag to be aware of his whereabouts as he walks to and from school. The one thing I can assure you is I will know he is safe with his grandparents as I attend the Malcolm Gladwell speach. ;-)

  10. Anne

    This devices would be helpfull for boomers caring for aging parents. My 86 year old Dad has dementia but still insists on going for walks. The whole time he is gone, my Mom is on pins and needles, worried he will get lost.

    This is a genius idea.

    • Hi Anne – Yeah, I really like the idea of using it for seniors and special needs. I remember helping an elderly man once who was walking around downtown and couldn’t remember how to get back to his retirement home/community. It would be an ideal device for these organizations to care for their residents as an added service when they leave the building. I’m sure it would make all parties feel safer.

  11. Agnes

    I saw you on Global this afternoon and I think this is a great device and I think it is great for not just kids but seniors and the special needs.

    However I was wondering about the name of the iPhone app that you shared with us. The name slipped my mind and I would really like to download it!


  12. excellent post, really enjoying your writing style

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