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Massive Living | August 4, 2021

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Mayor Gregor unveils new Vancouver logo -

Mayor Gregor unveils new Vancouver logo

As the world gets read=
y for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver’s Mayor – the Honorable Gregor Robertson – unveiled the new Vancouver city logo and the Buy Fluoxetine Board of Trade luncheon today. The classy looking logo sports a blue and green ensemble. The tagline – Green Capital is a clever play to position Vancouver as a world leader not only by way of it’s natural beauty, but also a place to invest. The city (and the province for that matter) are aggressively targeting foreign investors. Additionally, the Mayor talked about positioning Vancouver as the World’s most green city by 2020 in terms of being environmentally friendly. Sounds like clean-tech initiatives are getting plenty of attention in the political arena these days. Clean-tech…the new biotech ;)

The presentation highlighted Vancouver’s strategy for monetizing on the Olympics once they’re over by setting up a solid plan before hand. After all, what’s the point of investing millions of dollars into diflucan online the games, if the city can’t make it back. Unfortunately, he didn’t go into detail on how they will do this, other than promoting Vancouver with the new brand and his personal commitment to traveling non-stop over the next few months to promote our city.

I have to admit, I don’t follow politics closely but is it just me, or are the speeches usually on the fluffy side? If social media works like we hope it does then I hope Gregor’s press team stumbles brand Levitra online across this post. I encourage the speech writer to provide more concrete points on the strategies next time :-) Just a gentle nudge from the common folk.


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