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Massive Living | May 24, 2022

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Keeping it Professional Online -

Keeping it Professional Online

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Your Online Life

If you fall between the ages of 18 and 22, chances are that you made your social networking profiles when you were a preteen and much of the content you posted is still floating around on the net. This is great if you want to take a stroll down memory lane, but not so great if you consider the fact that future employers may be taking a peek at your online activities to see what you have been up to. No need to panic! There are steps that you can take to repair the damage, or prevent you from making a mistake in the first place.

Some Tips for Your Online Profiles

  1. First, go through your photos and delete, delete, delete! Your own uploads aren’t usually the ones that you need to worry about – it’s the photos people have tagged you in that are troublesome. Get rid of all evidence of nudity, extreme intoxication and all the other shenanigans you’ve been up to.
  2. Something that is easy to overlook is your “Likes.” Take a few minutes to go through the pages you may have liked and get rid of the ones that could be deemed unprofessional. If your hangover cure is to take another shot, that’s fine, but there are some things better left unsaid – or unliked!
  3. Always be careful about what you say. Your pals may get your sense of humour, but someone who isn’t as familiar with you can misinterpret your words. Make use of your inbox – nobody has access to your private messages but you. Its better to be safe than sorry.
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  5. Amp up your privacy settings. Be selective about who has access to certain aspects of your online profile. Maybe you want to keep things such as wall posts and pictures restricted to Facebook friends only – whatever you need to do to keep a professional façade for potential employers.
  6. Create a second account for your professional activities on Twitter; and use lists for Facebook and Google +. Since Twitter doesn’t give you the option to segment your status updates based for different audiences, making two accounts is a good idea if you have a naughty side. This way you can separate the two worlds. However, don’t go overboard with your personal account, it’s really hard to keep anything secret in the digital age. When it comes to Facebook and Google + however, it’s easy to ensure that the right audience is seeing only what you want them to see if you’ve set up your lists and circles properly. (Post on this coming soon).


It seems like a lot of precautions to take, but think about it this way: You don’t let it all albuterol price hang loose in person, so don’t let it be different online. Keep private things private, and always think twice before you post anything.

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