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Massive Living | December 7, 2021

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Best Halloween Costume goes too... -

Best Halloween Costume goes too…

Luigo Costume Mario Brotherschewbacca_geek_costume
Everyone needs to take a little time off for fun. So on Halloween night, I enjoyed the company of good friends at a dinner theatre. Afterwards, we whooped it up with some pretty crazy “characters” (haha, so witty!). Kudos to the following creative and somewhat techie costumes…these guys scored a close second in my books…Luigi from Mario Brothers (awesome!) and Chewbacca from Starwars — umm, I saw this guy from the car on the way to the restaurant and it took every ounce of self control I had, not to jump out of the car and give the big furry friend a massive hug!

best_halloween_costumeMy favorite costume was the TWITTER FEED. Brilliant! Yes it was homemade and not very glamorous…but I give the guy two thumbs up for being so dang creative. Go geeks go!!

He was very busy updating the world on current events 140 characters at a time, but that didn’t stop him from posting, ahhemm, I meant posing for the camera.

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In hindsight, I wish buy Alesse I’d asked for the lowdown on what inspired the costume.

If you saw a wicked buy Fluconazole techie costume…please post a comment and share it here :)


  1. @catherinebarr was the Twitter Bird…

    • I love the pics of your son and of the Halloween party! What fun! And you’re going to market!!! Wow, how cool is that! I’d love to see anhnyitg and everything! Definitely the BBD booth for one. :D Are you getting involved in the quilt business — besides just for pleasure? Anyway, it’s so exciting! Have a wonderful time! Grab some goodies while you’re there!

  2. Wow David – @catherinebarr’s costume is awesome. I wonder where she found it?!!

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