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Massive Living | September 26, 2021

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Seth Godin's Lizard Brain – Do you have one? -

Seth Godin’s Lizard Brain – Do you have one?

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cheap Valtrex Seth Godin’s daily blog offers insightful tips which just might make us better at what we do and one step closer to the success we’re all searching for. Today’s Godin post looks at human tendency to say one thing (usually a desire) and then do another thing (resisting activities that will lead to success). Find out why we do this? Is it a pre-historic tendency for survival that just might be killing us?

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  1. Less is more.At least in the case of you and Seth.Okay, he’s got you beat as far as legnth’ goes; his posts are pterty short But you both deliver thought-provoking blog posts that possess actionable activities or thought-processess that can make a difference in your business.Where I think you’re heads and shoulders above him is in the actionable activities department for businesses.I read and learn many things from both of you I appreciate your work, thanks Jim!

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