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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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TEO is The Lock of the 21st Century -

TEO is The Lock of the 21st Century

Remember in high school how embarrassing it was to struggle with your locker’s combo? Those round numbered locks are now a thing of the past. TEO is the first keyless padlock you can lock, unlock, access and share using your Bluetooth enabled device. Backed by Canada’s OCKcorp, TEO has all the bases covered: you can share with others once or multiple times, receive notification when the lock has been unlocked or broken, and helps you reset or remember the password. Worried about safety? There’s support to help you recover passwords, re-key, and fix mechanical or battery issues. The hardware and software has been created and tested in Vancouver, making this purchase not only tried and true, but local. Whether you use it for the gym, your bike, at work or at school, TEO is your lock for the 21st century. Back their Kickstarter Order Tadalafil here!


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