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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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The Digital Age - To adapt, or not to adapt -

The Digital Age – To adapt, or not to adapt

Technology has slowly crept into every crevice of our lives in the last few years. The answer to all of our questions these days has become – “There’s an App for that.” We have buy Retin-A laptops instead of computers. We have kindles instead of books. We have Siri instead of real friends. Just kidding! But seriously though, there is a device for almost everything you could possibly want or need. What about those people who don’t want to adapt? What about those who feel perfectly content reading paperback novels, or using Nokias? Will they survive, or will they lag behind? Okay, this all sounds very apocalyptic – nobody is getting killed off because they don’t have an iPhone, but is it possible that they are suffering socially and economically?

There are people who are not on Facebook. Or Twitter, or Instagram, or any other social media site. Crazy, I know, but there are still some out there! Why is that so hard for us to imagine? “Wow, their lives must suck,” metoclopramide without prescription many of us might be thinking. Quite the contrary. The few people I have encountered who haven’t caved in to social media are perfectly happy. I didn’t get it at first – but back in August, something dreadful happened to me. My laptop broke down, right in the middle of finals. That’s it, my life is over, I thought. Please, just tell my friends I love them and that I died a painless death. But somehow I got through finals, and in the two week break before fall semester, I did things I hadn’t done in years. I read books, I went outside, I went for runs, I ventured around the city, I actually saw my friends, I baked, I watched movies, I went to bed at a decent hour, and the list goes on and on. I was secretly loving not having my laptop! Who knew? Now I understood the appeal of not being plugged in 24/7. I didn’t realize how disconnected I was from the “real world.” I even put off fixing my computer for a few weeks, because I wasn’t ready to return to my tech-fueled life.

But what about the flip-side? There may be benefits to being immersed in technology that I didn’t see myself. How many times have you wanted to invite someone to an event, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have their phone number, or their Facebook? Vermox online Or how many times have you wanted to reconnect with an old friend, but couldn’t, because they weren’t on any social media sites? As well, there are employers who will not, or will be hesitant to hire applicants if they are not a part of any social networks. Not keeping up with technology to a degree can cause some setbacks, but if you already have a steady job, or you are perfectly content with your life and the people in it, who is suffering? Nobody, it would seem.

Is it possible that we are all missing out on something? Probably. As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side. It all depends on your lifestyle – some people will thrive without technology, and others cannot survive without it. Whatever category you fall under, try unplugging for a few days. You could probably use the R and R time, and technology will always be waiting for you when you return.


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