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Massive Living | September 27, 2023

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Hot Gadgets for 2011 -

Hot Gadgets for 2011

Lindsay Smith talks with Lynn Collier about the hot Christmas gadgets for 2011: iPod Nano and watch straps, Acer Aspire 3D Computer, XM Satellite Skydock, Asus Bamboo laptop, NHL Flip Cameras and accessories, FujiFilm 3D W3 camera, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. buy azithromycin
Special thanks to Best Buy Canada and Cisco for providing sample products.

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  1. Hey Lindsay,

    Love the new look and blog.
    When is your next show on Global?
    Any chance you wanna review some of my ChillBeds or ChillTabs?

    Nice to have met you at M20 in December.

  2. Dorothy Whittome

    I just caught part of your interview with Lynn at noon and am interested in a couple of the products you recommended. However, your website doesn’t link with written details of these products and I get an error message at Best Buy. I don’t want to watch another video of the interview, I’d prefer more details in writing. Just a comment.

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