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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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Global TV :: Lifestyle Apps -

Global TV :: Lifestyle Apps

If you caught the Global TV segment on the Morning News and would like more information on the Dapoxetine apps we covered, here are the links :)

Topic: Subscription Music Vs. Paying for Albums/Songs


  • Listen to unlimited music for $10/month
  • Create your own playlists and share them with others
  • Once your subscription stops, the music is gone so it’s essentially “music licensing” instead of “purchasing”Onavo
    Topic: Save money on bandwidth by measuring which apps drain your data
  • See what phone applications are draining your data and costing you the most $$
  • purchasing Plavix

  • Data compression available on iPhone version
  • Data usage timeline & graphs by day, week, month
  • Data alerts notifications when apps are being bandwidth “hogs”
  • IQ Grocery
    Manage your grocery lists from multiple devices
  • Manage your grocery list from multiple devices
  • buy metoclopramide

  • Have spouse or other member of the family household update the list from another location in real-time
  • Automatically categorizes items by grocery isle
  • Manage lists by store
  • Email grocery list to others


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