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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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Top Apps for Saving Money -

Top Apps for Saving Money

Everyone is looking to save money these days everywhere they can these days and their smartphones are no exception. Whether they’re using WiFi to cut down on their data costs (WiFi isn’t just good for BlackBerry outages!) or using their iPhone to troll the internet for coupons, smartphone users do not ignore thrift. Check out these great apps that people have been using to save a little cash. Many of them are free and help you organize your finances and save your family money.


It’s no secret that gas prices have been soaring.  This easy-to-use app helps you find the nearest gas station with the lowest price.  The app uses GPS to determine your exact location and can help you find your way to the gas station.

TheFind and ShopSavvy

How many times have you been out shopping, seen what appears to be a good deal, purchased the product, and then arrived home to find out that exact item is on sale at another store? Valtrex no prescription These apps will prevent that from ever happening again.  Both apps allow you to scan the bar code of the product you are looking to purchase, and they will find you the lowest price in both your vicinity and online, turning you into a truly smart shopper. You’ll never have to wonder if that good deal could be even better.


You’ve probably heard of Skype before.  It’s a great way to communicate with people long distance for both business and pleasure.  There’s also a Skype app that can help you make calls cheaper.  With the app, you can make calls for free whenever you purchase Topamax have a data connection or are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.  If you are having trouble making calls because of Blackberry outages, you can install this app on your iPhone to communicate easily.

Part of saving money is tracking your finances and learning where you tend to blow your cash.  Staying on top of your budgeting is crucial and will help keep you from accruing bounced check fees and late payment fees, both of which can put a serious strain on your budget. is a website that helps you budget and track your money, and the app, which is free for both iPhone and Android, helps you to keep up with your tracking and budgeting even when you are on the go.  For safety, the app logs order Propranolol online you off every time you close it and requires you to open it with a password that can’t be saved.  While this might seem annoying, imagine how much more annoying it would be if someone picked up your cell phone and had access to all your financial data.


  1. Great video, thanks. Can you cover the best way to back up a thared? I saw the backup thared feature, can I then view this as a text file? I thought that once I was in a thared, I should use batch mode, select what I wanted and then move to folder.  But when I do that, the olnly forder is Favorites, and even though it gives an option to select a folder, nothing happens when I press the down arrow. Also, does the screen shot feature only work with the text messages?

  2. I have an issue with the MMS, whenever i send a photo to soomnee it sends it to them as a link? do you know how to resolve this? I’ve been checking the settings but i’m not sure what options i should check(or uncheck)

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