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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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The New 300 sq.ft. Eco Home -

The New 300 sq.ft. Eco Home

laneway houses, eco home,When most of us think about their dream home, we picture lavish features and lots of space, but for some home owners bigger isn’t necessarily better. Prototypes for micro-housing are making big waves in 2010. Introduced to the world in 2005, the homes are often less than 300 square feet and consist of a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and sometimes a loft. Micro-home dwellers typically sleep in either a loft or on a sofa bed located in the living room.

Who would want to live in these small houses?
-Couples without children
-Empty nesters
-Early/young career professionals
-Eco friendly buyers

Vancouver alley home, vancouver lane way houseSeveral micro-home prototypes are already on the market. Vancouver, Canada currently has a set of them located at the Digital Media Centre on Great Northern Way. These homes are used for low-cost, student housing. The city of Vancouver also passed a bylaw in 2009 allowing laneway housing in the alley’s of Vancouver’s residential neighborhoods to help home owners subsidize their income while providing this alternative to affordable housing. These Vancouver micro-homes are only for rent (not to be sold) or can offer a viable housing solution for families who need to care for elderly parents or adult children.L41 MICRO HOUSE The city has set a time limit of 3 years or 100 micro-homes built (which ever comes first) before they re-evaluate the project.More info on Vancouver’s Laneway Houses.

The concept of micro-housing also offers people with lower-income the chance to buy property and have their own house. It’s not what most people would choose, but there are some people like Greg Johnson in Iowa City who embrace their small space. Greg is the co-founder of the Small House Society and he encourages people to live in small housing because it’s incredibly eco-friendly. By the way, did you catch that there is actually a society for small housing!

L41 and Micro Compact Homes are two companies creating ultra modern micro-homes. Below are some of the inside shots of the micro homes at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) currently being used for student housing as well as the L41 homes at the Digital Media Centre campus.

Micro-Home Features misoprostol buy
Low e-Home by L41: The micro-compact low e-home is all-electric and powered by photovoltaic solar panels of 8sqm with a small diameter vertical axis wind generator.

Day-time excess power is diverted into the grid. Night-time power is Plan B online provided by the wind turbine and reserve batteries. Heating and air conditioning is ducted to each of the four function spaces. Long duration LED lighting is used internally and for the external walkways.

By the way, micro-houses are usually manufactured in a warehouse and delivered to you in a crate. Go figure… purchase misoprostol

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