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Massive Living | April 1, 2023

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App Review - HealthTap -

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried Googling my health symptoms, and diagnosed myself with some horrible, incurable disease. Self-diagnosing seems to be a common problem with people these days. However, with the free HealthTap app, you get access to over 17,000 trusted doctors who can answer all of your health related questions if you’re having symptoms, aren’t sure how to treat a certain condition, or have any other health concerns. Because there are so many doctors available, you can get answers within minutes. I like that you can ask general questions, or search doctors who are best equipped to answer your questions.

Other highlights:

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  • Think of all the time you’re saving. I could literally cry knowing that never again do I have to wait forever in a waiting room surrounded by sniffles, coughs, and crying babies.
  • If you find a doctor near you, you can book an appointment right through the app (unfortunately, for now this is only applies to U.S. residents.).
  • You can store all of your health information through the app (immunization records, allergies, etc.).
  • Through HealthTap you can research health topics that are of interest to you.
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  • If you want a second opinion, you can talk to as many different doctors as you’d like.
  • HealthTap is compatible with both iPhones and Androids.


  1. At some point I will put a limit on how long data can be kept on When that happens all exsntiig cl1ps will be set to the maximum time. So as long as you check your data every 6 months you will be fine.As for size thats a good question. Since I’m using google app engine I don’t think there is a size limit. If I run into a problem I will limit it to 1 MB.

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