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Massive Living | September 27, 2022

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Blogging: Find Your Online Voice with Monica Hamburg -

Blogging: Find Your Online Voice with Monica Hamburg

Gnomes & writing will lead to finding your online voice according to Monica Hamburg who just spoke at the Northern Voice conference.

Here get Asacol are some other Hamburg tips from her dynamic session:

1. Be youself, but you need to clear on who you are: This can be tough for many people. Good place to start: Ask your friends what they think of you. Find the traits that most enjoyable

2. It’s ok to suck in the beginning of writing your blog. Spelling and grammar isn’t as important as you think it is when you’re in the midst of your creative place. Get your thoughts out first and edit later.

3. Compare yourself to other blogs to see what other styles you like.

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4. What is good blog writing?

  • Compelling
  • Correct Grammar, spelling & sentence structure
  • As concise as possible
  • Be interesting, be funny (everything is not an anecdote)…have a friggin’ point ;)Benefits of initial obscurity:
  • Gives you time to find your voice
  • Gives you opportunity to experiment
  • Freedom to write with censoring yourselfOther tidbit: Blogging shouldn’t suck. Write about things you are passionate about. Remember it’s a process. Keep writing, and writing, and writing, you’ll get better.Finally, thanks to Monica for stepping in for Dave Olsenat the last minute. You rocked the house!oh and Dave, the audience was in stitches with your video (pun intended!).

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