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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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Hello HP Envy: Would you like to stay for awhile? -

Hello HP Envy: Would you like to stay for awhile?

Here’s the low-down on the HP Envy 100 eAll-In-One Printer

One of my biggest pet-peeves with printers is how they look. Too often, we have to sacrifice sophistication for functionality. For this reason, I was relieved when the HP Envy 100 eAll-In-One recently came out on the market. This slick printer has a clean appearance with a glossy, black finish. This machine has whisper quiet operation and a display unit and paper tray that extends itself for ease-of-use when in operation and then automatically retracts the power is turned off so that it takes up less space and leaves the area looking less cluttered.

Print Facebook photos directly from your online photo album even without your computer. Using the Facebook app, you just choose your favourites and within a few seconds, you can print off great quality photos to share with your friends off-line.

As implied in it’s name, the style savvy home office printer can fax, scan, and copy. With a built-in wi-fi connection, there’s no need to connect this device directly to your computer. Instead, you can print wirelessly from anywhere in your home. Having a wi-fi or bluetooth connection is a must for any printer these days, especially if having a clutter-free home is important to you. This allows you to place your printer practically anywhere.

Just like apps are taking smart phones by storm, printer manufacturers are jumping into the game offering more functionality through built-in and downloadable applications. In the case of the HP Envy, you can quickly access driving directions using the Mapquest App or print your own notebook paper and to-do lists with the touch of a button using Quick Forms.

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Want to send photos to your house instantly? Using HP’s ePrint technology, simply email your photo directly to the printer using it’s unique email address and the printer will take care of the rest. This is an ideal set-up for remote parents or grandparents. Buy them the HP Envy 100 eAll-In-One for their next birthday and then keep them updated throughout the year with family photos. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving ;)

For full details and specs on this printer, please click here.

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