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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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Todd Maffin puts life back into Email Marketing -

Todd Maffin puts life back into Email Marketing

Well known speaker and go-to CBC personality, Tod Maffin, is holding the first of his Complete Assured ROI™ series on creating effective email newsletters this January at UBC Robson Square.

Hallelujah! I’ve been using email marketing for the last 10 years to market my business, but the effectiveness of the newsletters has gradually decreased. I sometimes wonder if it’s even worth our time sending them. However, my faith in email marketing was restored a couple days ago when I met Tod for coffee and he shared some of his insight, as well as, what he will be teaching at his ROI seminars. Wow!

I’ve never seen Tod speak, but he’s got an incredible reputation. My business partners for F5 EXPO recently saw his presentation on Swarming and Social Media at Third Tuesday. They said he was witty and dynamic :)

So I’ll be sitting in the front row like an buy Dapoxetine eager beaver on Jan 20th to soak in more brilliance :)

Tod has also graciously offered a discount to any F5 peeps…just enter “f5expo” when you register. oh and the cost to attend is unbelievably affordable – $79….love it! I wouldn’t be surprised if this sold out both because of the content and the fact that Tod is delivering it.

You can follow Tod on twitter buy Premarin online buy Xenical online >> @todmaffin


  1. Tod is an interesting fellow, alright.

    but it’s not accurate to describe him as a go-to CBC personality.

    You’ve obviously been reading his self-written publicity and believing it..

  2. Hi Allan – Thanks for your comment. You’re right that Tod no longer works for the CBC so it should read “former” CBC personality. I don’t think I’d go so far as to call him a stalker for continuing it. I believe he started the Facebook page back while he was at CBC and because of it’s success they decided to have him continue it. I’ve heard from both sides about the controversy around the facebook page and it sounds like it’s turned into a win-win.

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