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Massive Living | December 7, 2021

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Malcolm Gladwell – Ticket presale starts today! -

Malcolm Gladwell – Ticket presale starts today!

While the F5 website will not officially launch until later this month, subscribers of my blog and twitter as well as fans of the F5’s facebook page are getting first dibs at the tickets to see Malcolm Gladwell at the F5 EXPO on April 7th.

The first block of etickets released will be at a special rate of $220. This includes:

  • Malcolm’s keynote presentation
  • Access to all of the other sessions…
    Note: we are working on getting more “wow” speakers
  • Buffet Lunch and refreshments
  • USB memory stick preloaded with lots of great deals/discounts for your business
  • Admission to the post-event networking reception (Malcolm will be in attendance!)

BONUS: Your name will be entered to win admission for an exclusive opportunity to meet Malcolm personally. Only 20 tickets will be available for this intimate session with Malcolm.

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  1. Interesting name you chose for the show. It reflects an awkward and poorly-conceived legacy function brought to us by a junk operating system. If “nerdy cute” was what you were going for then “Command-R Conference” might have been “cooler”…

    Anyway, best of luck with this effort.


  2. Tech Question:

  3. Love it. But that’s cause I’m a nerd. In college I didn’t even have textbooks. I had techsbooks.

  4. I’m a blogger myself and I found your post to be very interesting and unique so I figured I’d drop a comment. Good job on the post, and I’ve just became subscribed to your blog. Hope you do the same for me.

    Good luck on your blog, and feel free to visit and comment on my blog as well! :)

    Dino Vedo – Mindless Ramblings of Internet Markter and Affiliate

    • Thanks Dino! Will definitely check out your work :)

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