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Massive Living | June 25, 2022

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F5 EXPO – Reveals all -

F5 EXPO – Reveals all

The all new buy Retin-A F5 EXPO website has launched, but before I divulge all the exciting news about the web launch, I want to share an interesting story about choosing our new brand, setting up the F5 domain and then having to change it…quickly!


Did you know that when you put the characters “5” “e” and “x” together it looks like the word sex? Our new brand F5 EXPO hit a major hurdle when we purchased the domain – because it contained those characters. We quickly realized any email communication that contained f5expo was getting blocked at the ISP level for both incoming and outgoing email. What a conundrum :( The work around? We’ve set up as our primary domain and redirects to it. It’s been smooth sailing since…phew!

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For a sneak peek at the upcoming conference sessions planned for the business conference on April 7, 2010 check out our new web presence for what was formerly the Massive Tech Show. The F5 EXPO, which caters mostly to business owners and executives, strives to demystify technology for the every day professional. Through a combination of captivating content and showcasing future online trends, we offer refreshing business strategies for a digital world.

Early bird tickets are now available. The full conference tickets are currently a steal at only $220, but they will go up soon. Attend presentations by leading North American business gurus including Malcolm Gladwell, author Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers.

Or if you’re on a tight budget, you can register for the tradeshow and attend buy Accutane online workshops on blogging, twitter, facebook, and other social media topics for free – limited time only or you can register for a limited conference pass for only $59.

We are now accepting exhibitor & sponsors applications for the show. If you offer businesses strategies or tools in the area of online marketing, social media, mobile, or internet infrastructure get in touch with us today! We want to help you get the word out about cool new applications and services for business.

The Twitter hashtag for the F5 EXPO is #f5expo or sign up to follow me on twitter.


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