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Massive Living | October 25, 2021

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Blackberry 101 Training Session – Vancouver -

Blackberry 101 Training Session – Vancouver

Throw this on your radar if you’re a Blackberry user! Swirl Solutions (and the lovely Darci LaRocque) will be hosting buy brand Levitra a training session to get the most out of your bb.

Date: April 15, 2009
Time: 9AM – 12PM
Cost: Regular $199, but discounted to $149 for this session
Location: 250 Smithe (Vancouver, downtown)
Limited to 20 people

Register here.

buy Tadalafil online get Naltrexone Agenda for the Session:
Blackberry Etiquette, Icons, & Home Screen Set-up
Optimizing Messaging Options
Optimizing Phone Options
Set-up & Syncing to your email client (outlook, entourage, etc0
Optimizing Calendar Options
Browser shortcuts and usage
Using Memo’s & Tasks
Best Practices & FAQ’s such as hyperlinks, photos, taxis, flights battery saver, & much more.


  1. Angela Robert


    Great idea! Can you get me in touch with the woman who is doing this training session.


  2. lol you don’t need to jailbreak’ a BlackBerry RIM didn’t lock it down like Apple did the iPhone the freeutas you have to jailbreak an iPhone for, are already present in a BlackBerry etc good try though

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