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Massive Living | June 26, 2019

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Windows 7 Outperforms XP & Vista -

Windows 7 Outperforms XP & Vista

A recent article by TechRadar in the UK claims Windows 7 won’t disappoint.

In addition to increased performance, the new windows operating system offers a full blown digital media centre which acts like a PVR allowing you to record, pause and rewind TV from your computer. Other things to expect from Windows 7:

  • Preview your documents without having to launch applications
  • Automatic grid snapping for viewing two screens on your desktop without having to manually adjust their size
  • Ability to turn on or off the annoying notifications that made Vista so unpopular
  • Enhanced parental controls for limiting your children to specific hours on the computer, the duration they spend on it, and the games they can play
  • Edit photos easily from from within the operating system (without downloading software). Remove red eye, adjust contrast, crop, etc.
  • Anti Fungal

  • Enhanced task menu that looks quite similar to mac’s OS.UPDATED POST Order Clonidine Online HERE.
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