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Massive Living | June 26, 2019

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Social Media & Crime Fighting Heroes - Part 2 -

Social Media & Crime Fighting Heroes – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted about the shift in news from traditional media sources like print publications and broadcast stations, to contributions by the public (every day people like you). I’ve noticed that while there is a need for up to the minute information on news stories, we (as the public) are not yet fully equipped with the tools on our mobile phones to make this a full blown reality.

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During my same quiet moments sipping warm peppermint tea yesterday morning, while the police helicopter buzzed alongside my condo complex, I began to think not only about how social media is changing the way we contribute and receive news stories, but also how it plays a role in crime fighting. I’ve never considered myself a nosy neighbor, however I was compelled to find out “why” the police were so interested the waterfront only yards away from my home (hence why I posted Part 1). And what I could do to help them find what or who they were looking for. I pictured the police on an intense chase with a fugitive who would be popping in and out of allies. But what if…the police could Paxil online connect directly with the community through twitter and out an ABP to the people in yaletown…

For example: “Be on the lookout for 6ft white mail, wearing black hoodie and bunny slippers?” Instantly, thousands of us could look out our windows…someone would be sure to see something, right?
Social media is not being used at this level…yet. At least not from what I can see. However, there is some movement in this area in the United States: Boca Raton Police Department launched the Viper Program where they send email alerts out to the community as crime happens.

Some police stations in Canada, including the Natrexone Buy Vancouver Police and Saanich Police use twitter and facebook to educate the community about crime prevention and for recruiting. I was excited to see this happening and believe its the first step towards using social media to fight crime.

Before you know it, average Joes won’t just be tomorrow’s news reporters, they’ll also be tomorrow’s crime fighting heroes ;)

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