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Massive Living | March 24, 2019

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Massive welcomes 2010 Advisory Board -

Massive welcomes 2010 Advisory Board


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The Massive executive team has put together an advisory board for the upcoming 2010 event. Our goal is to breathe some fresh ideas into the event and better incorporate the needs of the business community.

Our team met last week to discuss several key issues/decisions we must address for the upcoming show. In the spirit of corporate transparency (which is something I strongly believe in), I thought I would take the concept of the advisory board one step further and open up our discussions to the attendees and clients of the Massive Technology Show as well as anyone else who has an interest cheap Clonidine in the way technology impacts business…after all, without the honest and open feedback from these people how can we ever expect to grow in the direction which best suits their needs?

The 2010 Theme?

  • SELLING/MAKING MONEY – The goal of the Massive Technology Show is to reach out to the business community and empower them with technology. We feel passionate about the way technology is shaping business and believe every business professional would be better off if they better understood what technology is available to them and how to access it. With this in mind, we’ve noticed that many of the attendees that come to the show are there to network and grow their business by meeting new sales prospects. In light of this, most people who attend Massive are their to “make their business money” so why not make this the theme of the show? Massive is about “making you money” (of course by using technology).
  • INTERNET MARKETING – Another idea shared was around the idea of Internet Marketing. EVERYBODY and their dog seems to flock to this. Every session we’ve ever held on social media, search engine optimization, and other internet marketing terms has been extremely well attended. So why not focus the content of the entire show on IM themes? It’s a topic that no matter what area of business you are in, you’ll need to know more about in order to succeed.
  • TEAM BUILDING – We like to see ourselves as a show that attracts top level executives from companies in size from 1-250 employees who want to learn about growing their business using technology. But the reality is many of these executives are just too busy to take the day off work to attend a tradeshow or conference. So how do we convince these people that the “massive” show is one worth investing their time in? Well how about team building? If we sold the ticket in corporate bundles which encourages a senior leader to bring out their department heads for a well-rounded day of both “learning” and “team-building” exercises would this give them more value?


  • There was a general consensus that vancouver is ready for a heavy hitter speaker(s). I’ve got some great names on the list to jam pack this year with brain-busting presenters, but I’d like to hear who you think should we should bring to town?

A Rebrand?

  • 1 very daring (a much appreciated!) advisor suggested that our brand should change. Why? because what the heck does “MASSIVE” have to do with technology or business? His thought was that the Massive brand may actually hurt us when we try to do smaller, more focused shows because when people hear “massive” they expect something of huge scale. Well, I have to admit a big part of me agrees with this mindset, but another part of me also knows that when you build a brand it doesn’t matter what you call yourself…a name becomes exactly what you make it. So again, I throw the question back out to you…if Massive was your company and you knew it had a well-known brand, but you could thought you could come up with a more suitable name for your “technology” show that reaches out to businesses, would you do it? Keeping in mind that it’s quite costly to do a rebrand. For a small company like massive, my initial estimates would be $30k to $40k for the rebrand.

ACTION ITEM: Write to me. Whether its a comment on the blog or a direct email, I want to hear from you. I want to know what you think will make the 2010 event, one that business professionals just cant live without ;)

2010 Official Advisory Board
Rajan Sodhi, VP Marketing, Peer 1 buy Proscar
Ron Stevens, CEO, Mingleverse
Andrew Reid, CEO, Vision Critical
Richard Goossen, CEO, MakeGood
Bradley Shende, CEO, Media2o & Host ConnectedLife TV
Rob Lewis, President,
Chris Breikss, President, 6S Marketing
Sean O’Mahony, Principal, Lux Holdings

2010 Unofficial Advisory Board – YOU (the reader of this blog)



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