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Massive Living | January 23, 2019

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Blackberry Versus iPhone -

Blackberry Versus iPhone

I had to laugh when i overheard a conversation taking place at a table next to me while dining out regarding blackberries and iphones. People are still talking about this??…yes! but this was the killer quote…

“Blackberries are for people who work, Natrexone without a prescription Xenical order iPhones are for people who want to look good” …I chuckled. I’m a blackberry owner so i wasn’t offended, but I’m sure there are lots of iphone users the would be :P


  1. LOL! You should be following some of the people on Twitter. I see every evening that the usual guys on both sides are bashing each other over the iPhone and Blackberry. It’s funny and I think they are doing it just for the bantering and in jest. So, yes, the debate is still alive and well, especially on Twitter if you follow the right people. ;)

    • It’s a relief to find someone who can explain tnhgis so well

    • the iPhone should ralley just be used as a phone, treat it as a phone.I just see the ipod touch as another ipod and cant ralley be judged with a iPhone Was this answer helpful?

  2. Both have the most same features. If you are looknig for a phone go for the iphone. If you don’t want a phone and just want to play games Ipod touch 4 is your best offer. Was this answer helpful?

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