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Massive Living | May 20, 2019

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Are Tradeshows Dying? -

Are Tradeshows Dying?

An article published in the CBC recently, caught my attention. After being in the event industry for over 10 yrs and a large part of my business focused on tradeshow planning, I’m sure you can understand why I’d be curious to read it. It seems that every buy Retin-A online time I hear an opinion express about events in the tech industry, I hold my breath hoping that people still believe in them. Afterall, isn’t networking and connecting a key component to any successful business? It’s who we know and the relationships that we hold that opens up the door to opportunity.

To my relief, this article was positive >> Are Tradeshows Dying?

A not so positive article was also published in buy Topamax order Robaxin online 24 Newspaper (Vancouver Edition) — ‘Electronics show losing its sizzle’. It was referring to the CES (Comsumer Electronic Show) taking place in Vegas over the next few days and it accredited the lack of buzz at this year’s show to blogging. The key message? If Bloggers are releasing the latest and greatest in technology online in real time, then why do we need an annual showcase to launch products? well, i say…booo! How is blogging going to replace face-to-face interaction and the sexy, one-on-one contact with the physical products. Until we’re living in a virtual world where you can put on funky glasses and simulate real life experiences, then shows like CES will continue to offer value.


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