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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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Never Leave Anything Behind Again with Linquet -

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Have you ever left the house without your keys? Or your wallet? Or your kid? buy Asacol Linquet makes sure that never happens again. By linking your Linquet to any of your valuables, you can use your Bluetooth enabled phone to ensure that is never lost, stolen or left behind. When the valuable goes out of range of your phone, both your phone and the item sounds the alarm, making sure that one way or another you notice. There’s also a “magic button” that you can press in case of emergencies to set off the alarm. The app allows you to oversee all the valuables you connect to Linquet, like silencing the alarm or letting Trusted Friends know you’ve left something behind. It also backs up to the Cloud with time and location of an item, allowing you to locate it later, and what range you’d like to be notified by. We’re thinking about getting one for our dog, our kid, our phone, our laptop, our camera…


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