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Massive Living | June 26, 2019

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The 3D TV Experience -

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On the December 11th Noon News segment, we talked about the 3D TV experience and featured the LG LX9500 LED 3D TV, the 3D HD FujiFilm Camera, as well as the Panasonic 3D Camcorder which are all devices that you could use to create your own 3D home movies! Be sure to check out the segment if you missed it.


  1. AKAIK you’ve got the anwser in one!

  2. what is better fuji hs 10 or nikon coploix100?. .im getting my first camera i dont know what is really good.i watch a lot of review here in youtube .,sorry for my english,.not my first language.:)

  3. Do you know which of these films would work with the Polaroid back?These are the guys who bought one of the Polaroid faoretics when they shut down. I’d be interested in trying some of these in addition to the Fuji you referenced above. I have an RB67 on its way to me in the mail now with a Polaroid back as we speak. Thanks in advance for your time and expertise. Great site.

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