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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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World's First Inductive Charging & Mounting System for iPad -

World’s First Inductive Charging & Mounting System for iPad

While down at CES this year, I see all sorts of gadgets and gimmicks. Some of them are useful; many of them order Robaxin online are not. I’m about to talk about one that I think is definitely worthy of mention.

The LaunchPort is the world’s first inductive charging and mount system for iPad. Now, we’ve seen thousands of tablet mounting systems over the years since iPads and tablets made their way into the hearts of North American’s, but finding ones that charge your iPad are a little more scarce. Or at least ones that look good. Personally, I’m tired of staring at the naked, exposed connector when the tablet isn’t docked. I’ve also found that no matter how slick the docking station is, it takes up too much counter space. While I love my technology, I absolutely hate clutter.

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Naturally, Buy Sildenafil LaunchPort caught my eye at CES. It’s a two piece, slim system that charges and mounts in the most seamless way I’ve seen to date. LaunchPort requires two pieces, the iPad Sleeve which wraps around your iPad like most smartphone or tablet protective covers and the Wall Station, which gets installed directly into the wall. Once the wall station is installed, it’s magnetic surface holds your ipad perfectly in place while charging it at the same time. The inventors didn’t cut any corners with design. The sleeve swivels 360 degrees on the wall mount and has four locking nodes to hold it in place for both portrait and landscape viewing. Best of all since it’s attached to a wall, it doesn’t waste any counter space.


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