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Massive Living | December 3, 2023

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The Ultimate Home Sound System - Playbar Review -

The Ultimate Home Sound System – Playbar Review

I have to be honest, I’m tone deaf (or at least I sing like I am). With that said, Sildenafil I’m not the one to rate a speaker on its sounds quality. To my ears it either sounds good or it sounds like crap – simple rating system right? Now, that doesn’t that I don’t LOVE music. And as you know, I do love gadgets, home automation, and most of all the apps that accompany them. So when I was asked to do a review on the Sonos’ Playbar I jumped at the chance. Here’s my my two cents…

Bigger Picture
Sonos is a definitely leading the charge with high end audio equipment. Their system provides seamless sound wirelessly in your home or office for up to 32 rooms. Yes, that’s right a whopping 32! Their speakers are slick looking, sound great and  easy to install even for the technically challenged. Essentially, its a plug and play system.

You can start with one unit, like the Playbar, and add on as you go. The Playbar needs two to three wired connections for it to work. 1) Power cord, 2) optical audio cable that plugs into back of TV, and an optional 3) LAN connection to connect to the Internet. With the LAN, the Playbar then connects to your other Sonos speakers wirelessly. If you don’t want to invest in the Playbar right away ($749), you can purchase a Sonos Bridge which is a small white box, similar in size misoprostol buy online to an apple TV that will plug directly into your LAN and create the wireless syncing between your Sonos speakers (ie: Play:3).

I honestly hadn’t given my home audio much thought before trying these out, but now that I’ve had the chance to enjoy them, it’s honestly changed my perspective on home theatre system. In other words, I’m now a converted Sonos lover. But it’s not the wireless speaker system that sold me. It’s actually the app that comes with it. It runs off both Android and iPhone, and gives me access to hundreds of radio stations, allows me to control sound in multiple rooms in my home, and has turned my smartphone into a remote control. My facvorite feature is how it syncs to my account giving me access all my music. Note: I’ll be writing a future blog post on the the rdio and how it syncs to the Sonos speakers, as well as creating a little video talking about my experience further. If you’re interested in getting a notification when these are published, please subscribe to the MassiveLiving blog or subscribe to my twitter feed (@TechLinz).

Who it’s suited for? 

  • People that want a high end (wire free) speaker system throughout their home.
  • People who embrace having a ‘modern’ home…and can afford the to invest in buying the technology to do it.
  • Anyone who’s frustrated with the sound quality the

Ease of Setup
Each speaker comes with an installation CD. The CD has a wizard that walks you through the set-up. The set-up is very straight forward. Everything ran seamlessly when I installed from my macbook. The only issue I had with install occurred when I tried to set-up from the app. This didn’t work for me. I had to first connect the speakers via my computer and then set up the app at that point. I would have preferred to be able to set it all up from the app. Ie: Give me a QR code or a uBleam to scan it and be taken right to the set-up wizard.

Playbar is simply hot. Super Stylish. The Play:3’s look good, but not as slick as the playbar.

Companion App
Absolutely love the app. Super easy to use and lots of features. Took about 15 minutes to set it up.  Not including the time it took for me to figure out how to connect to Rdio which I’ll write a future blog post about to save people the trouble. 

Sound Quality
Sounds great to me. As I’ve already prefaced, I’m not a home audio critic but this system sounds great. I have a friend that’s equipped his house with a full Sonos system and he’s a bit of a music buff. We took it over to his place to try it out and he absolutely loved it.

Thanks to Sonos & Igor at the hificentre in Vancouver for providing the demo.

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